Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Dragonfly writing


My living thing is Dragonflies.                                         

Physical appearance
The wings are sparkly and they have a skinny body.

Life cycle
The life cycle is, they start off as an egg, then they grow into a lava then they molt and become an adult then they go through the whole process again starting from laying eggs.

They eat butterflies sometimes and they eat mosquitoes.
I know they can lay their eggs in the water in a bubble or on a plant. 

Defence/ Protection
 They can fly away when they're getting attacked.
Place in the food chain 
Dragonflies eat phytoplankton they are prayed on by frogs, lizards and fish.

The threats for Dragonflies are loss of habitat and pollution, also wetland drainage if you take too much water just like taking too much fish otherwise the dragonflies will die.

Adaptation to habitat
The Dragonflies are so fast because they have bullet shape bodies and that helps them change directions quickly. Dragonflies have fast flapping wings that means they can fly faster. They have huge eyes so if a predator comes it can fly away quickly because it can see the predator coming.

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