Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Water testing process

5/8/2015 Water testing process 

For since today I'm going to be writing about water testing. Firstly i'm going to tell you how the pH works. Get a piece of indicator paper and dip it in the water. It tells you how much acid is in the water, in my testing the indicator paper was light  green so that means it was a level six for acidity.

Secondly you check the solids. The solids are little bits of speckles in the water that might be affecting the water. this is how I checked the solids I look closely to see anything is in the water.

Thirdly I tested the turbidity and the Turbidity shows how cloudy or clean the water is. the turbidity was indicating a nine so that means it's very clean. This is how I did it I got a book and hold it over the side of the water jug where we tested the water.    

Forthly we needed to check the temperature the temperature was 14 now it had changed to 18 decrease so it had got warmer. This is how we checked the temperature we got a phomomerter and swirled it in the water and it was eighteen degrees. 

Fithly we checked the weather conditions we checked the water for any rain and it hadn't been raining for twentyfour that's means it's been affecting the the water. 

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