Thursday, 6 August 2015

Term 2 reflection

    Term 2 Reflection 

This term all of my class and I have been focusing on waterways, invertebrates and many other things.

Firstly we went on a trip to learn more about the waterways. One group went to the Groynes and the water pumping station. The other group went to the Museum and Travis Wetland.   Secondly all of my class and I learnt more about invertebrates and we also learnt about the food chain of water boatmen, backswimmers, dragonflies, damselflies, mayflies, caddisflies and stoneflies. After we did that everyone could make a movie, some Kahoot quizzes, photograph competitions, stencilling, cleaning waterways, riparian planting, posters and cattle fences.

Everyone did some water testing so we all tested the ph which means how acidic it is, the temperature, the suspended solids, the TDS the total dissolved solids, the turbidity, the smell and the weather conditions.

At the end of the term all the parents and teachers all came together. The children showed what they have been up to throughout the term like movies about waterways, Kahoot quizzes( Kahoot quizzes means a little fun game online that you can play) and you could do litter clean ups as well. We also put up our water testing writing as well as our invertebrates writing. Our action planner. That means what activity we do, was presented on the board and you already know that I did a movie.

        Here's some facts

Did you know that dragonflies can fly up to 60 MILES per HOUR!
OK then, did you know that a bee flaps their wings about 300 flaps per second and a dragonfly can only do 30 flaps per second so that's timing that by 10.
Dragonflies mostly live by lakes, swamps, ponds, canals, streams and rivers. Sometimes dragonflies live in puddles of water which is really strange.


  1. I love the facts that you put up Paisley! Very informative! I can't believe Dragonflies fly up to 60 miles per hour! I wonder how fast that is in kilometres... Do you have a link up for your movie? I'd love to see it! :)
    Miss D

  2. Very interesting facts Paisley. Loved the movie you guys made. Accompanied your class to Travis Wetlands and learned so much from the practical hands-on tasks. So important to look after those environments as it impacts us all. Good writing Paisley