Thursday, 22 October 2015

Hide and seek

I hear counting "1, 2, 3, 4" I run fast, turning my head quickly, searching for a perfect hiding spot. "Yes" I say to myself, I rush over to the the treehouse trying to climb the ladder as fast as I can.

 Finally, I reached the top of the treehouse. It even seemed like I could touch the sky. I hid behind a chair. I swiped a blanket from the corner as quick as I could and covered it over me. It was silent, I heard footsteps scraping along the wet soggy grass under the tree house. I thought to myself I hope they don't climb up. I saw the big pink bean bag And I pulled it front of my chair so no one could see my face. My feet were tickled by the warm fluffy carpet and the curtains were blowing in the soft breeze.

 Right there, buzzing through the window was my worst nightmare even though I had never got stung by one, it was the terrible tiny stripy bee. I panicked, I asked myself what should I do? I sat still and covered every inch of my body head to toe in blankets and pillows. I peeked at the bee wondering if he had any friends nearby, the look in his eye answered all of my questions, right outside the treehouse there was a swarm of bees. 

I gasped I had no shoes, no water and no food. I tried to cheer myself and quickly shut the curtains so that the bees couldn't come in, fortunately the other bee went out the window . I look out the view for any bees, they had buzzed off.

 I tuned on my music and listened and I felt like I was safe, but then I heard someone climbing up the ladder so I hid and it was... The seeker with all of the other people, all trying to climb up the ladder. They found me, but the good thing is that I was found last.

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