Monday, 16 November 2015

My time at Mt. Somers

My time at Mt somers
It was just an ordinary Saturday morning, that's right the day everyone sleeps in. I awoke to the smell of it, the delicious smell of something greasy that was cooking on the stove. My dad had cooked mushrooms and baked beans. So I quickly, rushed and ate my breakfast and then zoomed to my bedroom to get my bag packed.  "I'm ready!" I shouted, as I sprang into the car and Dad, my Dad's friend and I drove off. 

We're here,  yay I thought we had finally arrived at my Nana and Popa's house in Mt. Sommers. I could feel the cold breeze on my face when I stepped out of the car, I could feel the memories rushing back to me. I could hear Benson barking and he came sprinted towards me for some pats.

It became 5:00 PM and we were getting ready to go to my Aunt's 50th fancy dress party. My Nana was dressed up as Ed Danyna and my Poppa was dressed up as a mechanic and I dressed up as a hip hop dancer, my original project for my costume did not work I was planned to be a minecraft box of TNT. 

Once we got there we pulled the chiller bag out of the car and walked over to my the barn. When we got to the party barn we put our stuff down and got a bowl of chips and a bottle of fizzy. My Dad and I started taking photos, but in five minutes the battery went flat. "Oh well" I sighed to dad and we relaxed by the bonfire to stay warm.

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