Monday, 29 February 2016

Popcorn writing


Whizz went the popcorn maker, the teacher chucked the kernels in the scoop and put them in the machine. It started going pop, pop, POP,  and as they went up they looked like deformed clouds it was like the popcorn was ready to leave its home and to be gulped down. As the teacher held the bowl up to the exit they flowed out like a waterfall and then tumbled to the bottom of the bowl. As soon as the bowl was full to the brim the buttery smell came round wafting up my nose. I scooped the popcorn like a toy crane it looked like a misshapen rock. As I scoffed it down it tasted like ice cream softening in my mouth. As the machine produced more popcorn I licked my lips in anticipation. The bowl came round again, hands dipping in, I latched my fingers to the popcorn morsels and took them out. I slowly chewed on the mouthwatering soft popcorn and passed it on and that was the end no more popcorn for me.
By paisley 

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