Thursday, 31 March 2016

Discovery time writing

Discovery time 
Today at discovery time I did finger knitting. Also knitting. The finger knitting I did with was will, Ryan, summer, mason and jack. We all did this down at the jelly bean table in room 12.  The people I did knitting with was summer, will, Lucy and a bit of help from the parents.

The role I played was 
To teach people and listen to the instructions and look at what to do. 

A strategy I used was 
I had to look carefully  at how she made the stitches I used this strategy because I wouldn't have known how to knit if I didn't look carefully then.
 I had to keep the needles close to each other otherwise stitches will come off.

Something new that I have Learnt is 
 how to knit and stitch and cast on.

A struggle/challenge
 for me was weaving through the needles and transferring it to the next needle.

I showed a growth mindset when 
didn't give up and I kept trying because I kept failing.

Next discovery time I want to show an improvement by 
not losing stitches and trying my best and being confident and positive and giving people more tips.

 I think I did well at teaching people how to finger knit for my first time and I also think I did well with doing knitting for my first time and giving it a go.

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