Sunday, 3 July 2016

Discovery time writing

Today at discovery time I 
Did capture the flag with Lucy ,summer ,korey, Ryan, Larissa, Jessica, and Mia.
We did it around and on the field and the skills that were involved in it was climbing, teamwork and trying your hardest.
I showed a growth mindset by encouraging my team and when the players wanted to tag the person who had the flag I tried to tag them back because when you get tagged the player has to stay where they got tagged for 20 seconds.
My struggle was finding the flag because sometimes it took a while trying to find the flag so each team had to give each other a clue.
I have Learnt how capture the flag works and I have experienced it so I get the idea of it better.
I felt good about the game because at the end of the session when we asked everyone if they wanted to make a movie about it and everyone said yes and what was good about the game was that everyone played fair and everyone participated and contributed.
And I hope that will be the same with the next group we take.
I noticed Mia because she was encouraging our team and she kept trying because when the flag was hidden inside the metal fence and she couldn't get it but she kept trying.

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