Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Bean report writing

Report writing 

This term we focused on observation. We first did an activity on a bean to see how it grow.

Hypothesis: I hypothesise that the bean won't grow because there is tissue instead of dirt. I think the teachers were crazy making us put tissue in the bottom of the bag or Petri dish. 

Step one: we all put tissue in the bottom of the Petri dish or plastic bag.
Step two: we put the bean on top of the tissue. 
Step three:  we name the top of the lid. 
Step four: water the bean but you don't want to overflow it with water.

On the 9/8/16 I put my bean in the Petri dish and watered it the colour and texture was creamy and Milky Way colour. my texture for my bean looked smooth but when you touched it, it felt all lumpy. The shape looked like a jelly bean and there were no leaves on it for now. 

On the 29/8/16 the bean started to grow its shoot and it was now two cm the colour was golden and it had a crack right through it and it was now turning a bit spotty. The shape look like a jelly bean with a curly stem coming out of it. There were no leaves on the bean yet, also the skin was coming off. 
On the 7/9/16 my bean was 6 cm long the colour was green and now that the skin has come off it looked smooth and it felt smooth. The shape was kind of like a overall, since there was a crack in the middle of the bean there were leaves in that crack. Also the roots were growing really well.
Now my bean is in a better and happier place and when the leaves had sprouted one side smelt like mint and the other side smelt like chocolate I like the chocolate side though. 
Conclusion: overall I learnt that beans can grow in a Petri dish so the teachers proved me wrong and I also learnt what geminate means and it means that plants do not need soil to germinate.  Next time I'm going to try it with a ziplock bag and see if it grows better or worse.

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